Costume Quest: Invasion of The Candy Snatchers Asks ‘How Far Would You Go For Candy?’

by Rachel Bellwoar

What would you do to score an invite to the party the cool kids are throwing? If your Klem, and it’s Halloween, bring candy of course, but with candy in short supply in his world, Klem has to go to Earth to get some, and convinces his friends, Sellie and Brolo, to go with him.

Set in the world of the video game Costume Quest, but not dependent on readers knowing the game to understand what’s going on, Zac Gorman‘s Invasion of the Candy Snatchers is its own Halloween confection, sure to melt hearts and crack cynics like the owl in the Tootsie Pop commercial cracks lollipops on the third lick.
Here’s a full description of the graphic novel:

Klem and his pals aren’t the most popular Grubbins in candy-starved Repugia, but Klem’s hoping that will change once he brings a hoard of candy back from the human world. After all, it’s Halloween, so there’s candy everywhere! Unfortunately, there are also bullies everywhere, ready to steal all of Klem’s sweet, sweet loot. Will he and his friends make it out alive, or are they doomed to an eternity of sugar-free torment? From the deliciously magical world of the hit video games Costume Quest and Costume Quest 2, Oni Press presents an adorable Halloween-themed graphic novel from Double Fine Productions (Broken Age, Psychonauts) and comics superstar Zac Gorman (Magical Game Time), now an animated series on Amazon!

And here’s a preview of the first five pages:

Costume Quest: Invasion of the Candy Snatchers goes on sale this Wednesday, September 26th.

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