From Death Of Stalin Writer Comes Tyler Cross: Black Rock GN

by Olly MacNamee

From the writer of the black comedy graphic novel, The Death of Stalin, comes a new book from Titan’s crime imprint, Hard Case Crimes. Writer Fabian Nury presents his new book, 1950’s-ear gangster thriller, Tyler Cross: Black Rock, out this week, with artist Bruno and we have a preview and trailer.
I must say, that Saul Bass inspired cover really sells the book for me, but I’ll let you decide what you think below. The trailer is very much done in the same vein too. Very evocative of the era its set in indeed.

Fearless and effortlessly suave, Tyler Cross proves crime does pay in the thrills of living life on the edge.
No man is an island – except for Tyler Cross. A criminal for hire, he’s the best at what he does, whether he’s trafficking drugs or spraying bullets in a shoot-out – everyone’ll pay big bucks for Tyler. Follow his embroilment with drugs, women and gangsters in a violent adventure that he may not survive.

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