NYCC 2018: All The New Things Coming From Crunchyroll

by Gary Catig

The first day of New York Comic Con has come and gone and there have been multiple panels covering all facets of pop culture. Crunchyroll, a multimedia company that focuses in anime, held a panel Thursday afternoon to reveal all their cool upcoming projects and shows coming this fall and beyond.

From their game division, is the mobile app, Memoria Freese. It is based off the series, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon. The RPG battle game features all the original voice cast and is a brand new original side story to the main title. Also, for the month of October, they are running a seasonal event called Orario Outbreak which has a zombie theme. Act fast though since you have only until October 18 to play.

Every now and then, the company holds a movie night through Fathom Events. This October 13, fans can watch the anime film, Yuri On Ice.

The main part of the panel was showing which new anime will be shown this fall on their streaming service. First is RErideD, where a scientist invents a new device and then goes into hibernation for many years. When he is finally revived, he learns that his very invention has started a war in the future.

Another show coming is Radiant. It follows a boy named Seth who is attacked by monsters. Later he is given superpowers to fight back. It is based off of a French manga series and will have 21 episodes.

Returning for a second season is Senran Kagura, a tale of girl ninjas fighting other ninjas.

From some of the makers of the hit series, Tiger & Bunny, comes Double Decker. It is a buddy cop show where the leads have magical powers in order to fight the war on drugs.

For those who like D & D, there is Goblin Slayer. A young priestess goes on her first mission with a party of adventurers. Her companions are slaughtered but she survives when she is saved by the titular character. Now she joins the Slayer’s campaign to kill all the goblins.

If you’ve played Dragon Quest you’ll know slimes are the lamest and weakest characters in the game. In this series a man is reincarnated as a slime and goes on adventures in the appropriately titled, That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.

A new show coming this January is The Rising of Shield Hero. A young man begins reading a book and then is transported to a new world where he is one of four legendary heroes. His tool of choice is the shield but after a scandal with the other three heroes, he loses all his power and must begin leveling and powering himself back up from the beginning.

Finally, Crunchy Roll announced their forming of Ellation Studios. It will be the part of the company that develops original content. They have a lot planned for 2019, but they teased one of their new titles, High Guardian Spice.

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