Be Seeing You…The Prisoner Comic Series Gets Collected By Titan

by Olly MacNamee

The newest rendition of the cult TV classic, The Prisoner, was a run away success for Titan Comics, so here’s hoping for more. But, until then, they’re bringing out a collected edition of this recent mini-series written by Peter Milligan (Kid Lobotomy) with art by Colin Lorimer (Harvest, The X-Files). The Prisoner: The Uncertainty Machine out November 13th, and deals with an all-new Number 6 who’s found himself a prisoner of the Village. Who is Number 2? I don’t know. so I suppose I best be picking up this book in a hope to find the answer.

The Uncertainty Machine sees a modern-day spy called Breen tasked with breaking into The Village in order to extricate a fellow spy who has been ‘lifted’ – the information she possesses is too valuable to fall into the hands of whoever it is that controls The Village. In order to rescue her, Breen must engineer his own defection and go rogue thereby becoming a person of interest to powers at work behind The Village. However nothing can prepare Breen for the bizarreness that awaits him…

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Be seeing you.

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