Are You Catching Candy Fish In Animal Crossing Pocket Camp?

by Christine Marie Attardo

It’s time for another fun seasonal event in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. With only a few days left until Halloween, don’t miss out on some good old candy fishing.

So far, I have yet to catch a grape candy fish, so they must be pretty rare. Nonetheless, they are all adorable and it’s fun to catch them. This is how it works…

If you’re like me, you really keep your eyes on the clock when you play this game. I like the respawn rate that is used to enhance gameplay. It makes it all the more addicting. So, why do all of this fishing? Well, Jack will give you super cool prizes…that’s why. Take a look:

I really want the jack-o’-lantern hat! What do you want the most? Don’t miss out on all the fun Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has to offer. The app is constantly updating with new content.

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