Gobelins Animated Shorts Of October

by Tito W. James

Gobelins L’école De L’image has released an new graduation film every week for the last month so I’ve compiled a recap. Each short has a story and animation style completely unique from anything seen in theaters or on TV. I hope we can see animated features and shows from these creators in the future.
Just remember to turn on the subtitles in your YouTube player.

Thermostat 6 captures the feeling of trying to go through the motions of “normal” life while ignoring problems that bubble to the surface.

Jackie is about a widowed gopher. Limited frame-rates help emphasize her age. It’s wonderfully designed but also really depressing.

Eighteen Kilometers Three plays like a slice-of-life anime where three girls ditch their foster home for a day exploring in the woods.

Hedgehog combined simple cell-shaded characters with 2D environments. The rough, textured colors help evoke the esthetic of childhood drawings in chalk or crayon.

Caldeira tells the story of two sisters who grow up to study volcanos. Rivalry and regret collide in this haunting animated short.

In Bound, two brothers fight for food and survival in a world that looks all too much like our own. The cell-shaded CG animation is impressive and the world created is worth exploring further.
These are all the shorts that were released during October. You can keep up to date with new Gobelins content on their YouTube channel.

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