The Incredible Hulk #1 Goes Up For Auction By Huggins & Scott

by James Ferguson

As a kid I had dreams of cashing in my comic book collection for untold riches, but alas, I grew up in the ‘90s and those books are worth next to nothing. That’s not the case for a 56-year old man who picked up a copy of The Incredible Hulk #1 from Marvel Comics back in 1962. It’s been kept in storage for years and has received a Universal Grade of 8.5 form CGC. He’s put the book up for auction through Huggins & Scott Auctions.

The auction is running through November 15th, 2018. At the time of this writing, the bid is at $57,000.  t’s expected to sell between $125,000 and $175,000. I can’t give away my copies of Wonder Man and West Coast Avengers.

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