The Return Of The Amazing Friends In Iceman #3

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Iceman and a date attend a street cart food festival in Manhattan. While Bobby and his date, Carlos, enjoy their food, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson eat nearby, and Angelica Jones enjoys a meal with a date of her own. While they enjoy their time, an ice monster attacks nearby. Iceman, Spider-Man, and Firestar spring into action to stop the creature. Firestar and Spider-Man wonder if it is one of Iceman’s constructs, but he has no memory of making this creature. It’s up to the three heroes to stop this creature.

Iceman #3 cover by W. Scott Forbes
Iceman #3 cover by W. Scott Forbes

It was a pleasant surprise to see the return of Spider-Man (or Iceman) and His Amazing Friends in this issue of Iceman. That cartoon was far before my time, but Toon Disney (now Disney XD) thankfully made sure that I was exposed to this wonderfully cheesy cartoon
Sina Grace makes this charming adventure seem almost effortless in how smoothly it flows. The setup is established, the characters show up, the threat arrives, and our heroes gather to battle the threat. It does tie back into one of the prior issues of this run of Iceman, so there is a sense of that ever-important continuity.
The chemistry between Iceman, Spider-Man, and Firestar is very well-done. You can easily feel that these three have a lengthy history together. Grace has always been quite good with dialogue, and that’s no different in this comic.
Iceman #3 art by Nathan Stockman, Federico Blee, and letterer VC's Joe Sabino
Iceman #3 art by Nathan Stockman, Federico Blee, and letterer VC’s Joe Sabino

Nathan Stockman’s artwork once again feels quite classic and makes the most of every panel. Environments are extensively detailed, characters are very expressive, and action scenes look very good. Federico Blee backs this up with a bright and popping color palette that endows even more energy into the fight sequences.
Iceman #3 is another frozen triumph for the team of Grace, Stockman, and Blee. Iceman is once again shown to be among the most endearing X-Men, we get to see him team up with his Amazing Friends once again, and the artwork looks great. This one earns a recommendation, and I suggest you check it out.
Iceman #3 comes to us from writer Sina Grace, artist Nathan Stockman, color artist Federico Blee, letterer VC’s Joe Sabino, and cover artist W. Scott Forbes.

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