Stan Lee Passes Away At Age 95

by Hannah Means Shannon

The Hollywood Reporter and many other outlets are picking up the news announced by the family’s attorney that Stan Lee has passed away at the age of 95. While that might not seem like surprising news in any other case, when it comes to Lee, who has continued to be involved in comics and pop culture to a monolithic degree throughout his older years, it still comes as a shock to many.
Particularly because Lee had been very publicly involved in law suits and accusations of elder abuse in recent years and months, and seemed to be in the process of righting his financial and personal affairs.
Stan Lee represents the rise and dominance of the Silver Age of Marvel comics, co-creating many of the characters who are the biggest box-office hits right now in the Marvel Entertainment field, including Thor and Hulk with Jack Kirby and Spider-Man with Steve Ditko.
Lee is widely credited with introducing more human, relationship-driven stories to superhero comics, and supporting and demonstrating the introduction of social issues into hero stories, making them more relevant and able to change with the times.
Lee’s tireless work as a promoter of Marvel Comics, and of the comics medium in general, had just as wide-reaching impact as the creation of these characters and situations in comics, however. As an ambassador for comics, he has been one of the most well-known proponents of the medium due to his rigorous convention appearance schedules and speaking engagements.
He will also be remembered fondly for his many cameos in Marvel films, bringing his characteristic humor and irascible personality to these snapshot roles.

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