Characters I Want To See In The Next Spider-Man Game

by Tito W. James

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an excellent video game that makes players feel like our favorite web-slinger. The web-swinging, stealth, combat and gadgets make for really fun gameplay. But where the Spider-Man game truly shines is in its portrayal of the comic characters. Having beaten the game recently, I’ve compiled a list of characters I want to see in a sequel.
[**Be Prepared For Spoilers!!]
Green Goblin

Let’s get the obvious out of the way–Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin. I’ve never been a big fan of the character but there’s a possibility that the game developers at Insomniac could make him really threatening and interesting.

In this game universe it appears that Harry Osborn might be infected with the symbiote. Will this game’s Spider-Man have a dark suit saga? How will the symbiote’s host change the personality of Peter’s antithesis? We’ll have to wait and see.
Miles Morales

By setting up Miles’ super-powered origin in the first game, it only makes sense to have Spider-Miles as a playable character in the sequel. Miles is a great character but he also has unique powers from Peter Parker. As Miles, players could use his electric and cloaking abilities.
Madame Web

Madam Web has the ability to predict the future and uses this information to aid and influence Spider-Man. She’s a mysterious character who might not be trustworthy. She could function much like Azrael did in Batman Arkham City.

The spider-slayers are a series of robots created to destroy Spider-Man and funded by J. Jonah Jameson. Notably, they have Jameson’s face projected on TV monitors  as part of the robot’s design. This could be a challenging and funny enemy to fight. After all the shade he threw at Spider-Man, who doesn’t want to punch Jameson in his stupid face?

Chameleon could be hiding anywhere in New York disguised as anyone. He could be a surprise mini-boss encounter much like Taskmaster.
The Lizard

The Lizard is a great empathetic villain who can also be really horrifying as evidenced in a story arc where Dr. Connors devours his own son. Utilizing the Lizard would give players the opportunity to explore the sewers of New York. Also, seeing as the video game borrows heavily from Dan Slott’s run on Spider-Man, I hope they take inspiration from the Lizard story, No Turning Back.
Horizon Labs Members

While I enjoyed the first game, most of the side-quests that didn’t feature villains or comic characters were underwhelming. The cast of Horizon Labs is great and I’d much rather interact with them than with random New Yorkers. Horizon Labs is already in the city and could create more interesting side-missions to gain lab tokens. Also, some of the members of Horizon have ulterior motives like our next character…
Morbius The Living Vampire

The inclusion of Morbius would be interesting because he’s a relatively obscure character who’s intrinsically darker and bloodier. The odds of his inclusion seem likely seeing as Sony has planned a solo film for him; Silver Sable and Black Cat already made an game appearance and have films attached.

On the lighter side, it would be funny to include a B-list villain like Spot. He’s a good joke villain who might yield some interesting gameplay. While fighting him, Spot could teleport you mid-swing to a new part of the city, so you’d have to keep on your toes.
Kraven the Hunter

Kraven is a more serious villain who would best fit into the main story. He’s a ruthless hunter and best known for having killed Spider-Man. If they go this route then there is a possibility of Miles Morales taking over the Spider-Man mantle.

Sandman is a great villain to create a big boss fight. One of the limitations of the first game is that most of the characters are humanoid in shape and size. With Sandman, players will fight against an whole environment. If the developers can pull this off it could be a technical marvel and one of the most memorable boss encounters.

Mysterio has made an appearance in nearly every Spider-Man game and for good reason. His powers of illusion are perfect for gameplay because he can summon enemies, grow into a giant, and warp the environment. Mysterio could function like Scarecrow from the Batman Arkham games by creating trippy dream sequences.

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