Advance Review: Smooth Criminals #1 by Lustgarten, Kiwi Smith, Riddel, And Mok

by Omar Spahi

Meet Brenda, hacker extraordinaire. She’s a plus size girl with a knack for talking to herself.  Smooth Criminals # 1 by Boom! Box is one of those charming books that’s about having fun and not taking yourself too seriously.
When a socially awkward computer genius goes to clean out storage, she uses her skillz (with a z) to accidentally unleash a thief named Mia that’s been trapped in a time-stasis device.
Mia is everything that Brenda isn’t. She has charisma, a killer physique, and she’s tough as nails. Brenda is a socially awkward technological savant. Forming an unlikely partnership, opposites Mia and Brenda team up to pull off a jewel heist that Mia has been planning since 1969. It’s the buddy-heist comic you didn’t know you needed.
It starts off with a fun dive into 90’s nostalgia. Go back in time to a world pre-social media filled with hip roller skates and flip phones, yet, not so far back that laptops don’t exist. One thing that helps take you back in time is the art by Leisha Riddel. She does an incredible job capturing the 90’s vibe and differing personalities of Brenda and Mia flawlessly.

Comics are all about taking those that feel out of place and giving them a home away from home. Smooth Criminals delivers just that when the reader connects with Brenda. Mia, on the other hand, is who many readers wish they could be. She’s confident, sexy, and has bad-girl vibes written all over her. The story focuses on their unlikely friendship as they join forces to take thievery to a whole new level.
If you’ve ever enjoyed a mismatched buddy adventure, then you’ll love this fresh take with Smooth Criminals.
Make sure to pick up Smooth Criminals #1 this week on November 21, 2018.

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