A New Take On Some Familiar Faces With The Moonhead Press Anthology, Now On Kickstarter

by Tito W. James

Writer Gerardo Preciado and artist Daniel Bayliss have come together to turn their webcomic blog, Moonhead Press, into a graphic anthology. The 100-plus page book will feature original stories by the duo as well as short stories featuring some familiar faces.

To avoid copyright infringement, the creators are recoloring their comic called The Deal. While the new colors work well to set the story apart, there’s a lot of text cut from the original version of the story. There are also noticeable typos in the English translation.

As it stands, The Moonhead Press Anthology is an impressively drawn comic with twisted new takes on classic characters. If Preciado and Bayliss manage to polish their product, when it comes time to print this book it could serve as a great introduction to a bold new creative team.
You can back the Moonhead Press Anthology now on Kickstarter

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