A Family Vacation The Kids Won’t Forget In House Amok #3 From Black Crown

by Olly MacNamee

Catch up with the Sandifers as they continue to dig up more hidden microchips in their attempts to save the world from a madness it’s not even aware exists. It’s certainly one of the strangest of family vacations, that’s for sure. Read our preview of this week’s issue by writer  Christopher Sebela and art by Shawn McManus, out Wednesday, the 18th of November.

Dylan and her family have all fallen down the rabbit hole of madness together, aiming their campaign to save the world at a brand new target and collecting more bodies and hidden microchips along the way. But as Dylan is plagued with the flu and the family’s first grand move leads them down a nightmare road full of the dreaded ReArrangers, the Sandifers will stare conspiracy right in the face and hope it blinks before they do.

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