Another Face From The Past Comes Forward In The Quantum Age #5

by James Ferguson

The past meets the future as Quantum Age continues. The heroes of the Quantum League are trying to pick up the pieces to stop Gravitus. They’ve come to the end of time to meet with the villain Chronokus, who has been revealed as Colonel Weird. How did one of the great heroes of the twentieth century become this shell of his former self? Get ready for a journey through time and space as only Colonel Weird can provide.

Much of Quantum Age #5 is spent digging into Colonel Weird’s past. This issue could not come at a better time as we’re in the midst of a pretty bizarre adventure in the pages of Black Hammer: Age of Doom so this comic is a perfect complement to that one. After betraying his friends, he went searching through the cosmos for a place to be alone, where he couldn’t hurt anyone. That’s hard to do for someone with Weird’s power set.
Every time he thought he would finally find peace, his survival instincts would kick in. He was too cowardly to kill himself, so he floated to the end of time where he could avoid hurting others. This journey is painted in a trippy light by artist Wilfredo Torres. When we get into Weird’s adventure, the whole look and feel of the comic changes. We go from an advanced universe made of science fiction to one where anything and everything can happen. The panel borders float away, creating this flowing tapestry of images that meld into one another.

Colorist Dave Stewart makes this whole thing come alive like something out of a fever dream. It stands out as a stark contrast to the cold reality of space. It’s no wonder Weird prefers this to real life. The colors swirl together in bright greens, reds, and blues.
Weird has clearly been through a lot in his long life. It’s like he’s in permanent shell shock. Letterer Nate Piekos uses a lilting font in light grey, giving the impression that Weird’s voice is like a light rasp. He struggles to push out the words, like they might be the last ones he ever speaks.

Once Quantum Age established its next generation of heroes, writer Jeff Lemire has worked to tie it back to the original Black Hammer group. We’ve seen Talky Walky and now Colonel Weird, so it should come as no surprise that some others show up.

This has been one of the most exciting parts of the series so far as we’re seeing the connections between the past and future form. It’s not just that this book takes place in the same universe as Black Hammer. It’s that it greatly expands on everything that’s come before it while also standing on its own as a unique and incredible story.
Quantum Age #5 from Dark Horse Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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