Oh Snap! It’s The Men In Black International Trailer

by Erik Amaya

Here come the Men in Black, again.

Sony has released the first trailer for next summer’s Men in Black International. And while it may look like just another Men in Black flick, things have certainly changed within the agency.

Tessa Thompson stars as a woman who has uncovered the secretive organization. Inducted into the Men in Black, she is partnered with the London division’s best agent (Chris Hemsworth); who may be resting on his laurels by a scooch or three. Emma Thompson returns as her Men in Black III character Agent O and Liam Neeson joins the group as the director of the London branch.

There’s also some business about a universe-threatening whatsits, but Men in Black movies are more about the characters and silliness than the world-shattering plots. And in this case, Hemsworth’s comedy chops and Thompson’s cool should lead to a satisfying fourth MiB film.

Men in Black International opens on June 14th, 2019.

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