Second Star Trek Animated Series Headed For CBS All Access

by Erik Amaya


CBS’s aim to stream a new Star Trek series on CBS All Access throughout the year is closer to reality.
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the plan includes a second animated Star Trek series alongside the previously announced Star Trek: Lower Decks. In fact, Star Trek boss Alex Kurtzman tells the site there is “a minimum of two” animated series on the roster.
In addition to the animated series and the upcoming second season of Star Trek: Discovery, the expansion will feature another round of Short Treks, a series focused on Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Captain Jean-Luc Picard with Patrick Stewart reprising his role and a potential series focused on infamous Star Trek nemesis Khan Noonien Singh.
And while Lower Decks will be more of a comedy series, the second animated project will have “an entirely different perspective and an entirely different tone” according to Kurtzman.
“You get to tell these very intimate, emotional stories that are side stories to characters,” he said of the expansion plans. “You get the benefit of the experience in and of itself but then when you watch Discovery you’ll see that these were all setting up things in the world of season two.”
Star Trek: Discovery returns January 17th.

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