5 Point Discussions – Fairy Tail (2018) 12: “Mavis And Zeref”

by Sage Ashford

The team learns of the hidden history of the creator of the guild, Mavis Vermillion. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. The longer this series goes on, the more I wished I’d given a rewatch to the previous two series. This week we return back to the era of Fairy Tail Zero, delving into what happened after Mavis took down the Blue Skull guild.  There we learn the past was an era marred by war between various trade organizations, and Mavis and Fairy Tail became one of many guilds which tried to bring the battles to an end. It’s here that Mavis earned the title of Fairy Tactician, helping her side win countless battles through her genius tactical insight.  It’s been only a few years, but already the guild pretty closely resembles the one we’re used to–full of people and carrying a jovial mood.  Everyone seems to be happy except Mavis, who realizes how many lives they’ve had to take during the war, and who wishes more than anything to travel and go on adventures.

2. Exactly what are the rules to the Curse of Contradictions anyway? What determines when someone cares about something enough for the spell to begin taking it?  It feels pretty arbitrary, as Mavis runs into Zeref again for the first time in years and seems to be perfectly capable of embracing him without anything happening at all.  He even warns her, which you’d think would indicate he cares enough about her for it to activate, but the only thing we get is a sweet hug between the two.
The two get to talk for a bit, with Mavis catching Zeref up on what’s happened in Fairy Tail since he left, and explaining how her age has been halted since the use of the dark magic spell Law. Hearing this, Zeref panicks (which again you’d think would affect…something) and informs Mavis of the terrible truth. Using the spell she did hasn’t halted her aging, it’s instead made her immortal…and suffer from the Curse of Contradictions.  Mavis points out how the spell hasn’t ever activated so he must be wrong, except Zeref points out that having recently come out of a war, her understanding of the value of life has been lessened enough for the spell not to work.  But he warns her that once she realizes what life means once again, the spell will bring death.  In denial, she flees from Zeref and his words, determined not to believe her fate could be so dark.

3. As if there weren’t enough questions about how the spell works, this episode explains the Curse doesn’t seem to merely affect one’s ability to care about life, but the ability to even think straight.  The next time Mavis and Zeref meet is months later, and Zeref has already started to build up the beginnings of the Alvarez Empire.  He talks about how taking over territories is surprisingly fun, even though it’s not fun at all.  When Mavis points out the contradiction, Zeref seems to break down mentally. He even talks about wanting to see his brother Natsu, but wanting to kill him.  Guess that means he’s not going to go down easily when he finally fights Natsu.

4. After a few years of peace in the aftermath of the trade war, the guild of Fairy Tail has continued to grow. And Yuri Dreyar’s wife gives the guild the gift of its first child. Both of them agree Mavis should get to name the baby, and she goes with the name Makarov.  The guild gets to enjoy Makarov’s birth for a few moments before Yuri’s wife dies. While the group blames the stress of childbirth, Mavis recognizes it for what it is–she’s remembered the meaning of life, and the curse activates.
She flees the guild hall and the city of Magnolia, making it out into the forest before the curse activates–it lays waste to significant portions of the forest, plant and animals alike falling before its power.  Months later, Mavis’ demeanor has changed.  She’s surrendered to despair and taken up a haven in a dead part of the forest when Zeref runs into her.  She hasn’t eaten in months, but the curse keeps her alive.  The two of them get to share a conversation, with Zeref explaining what he’s done in the time since they’ve last spoke before he reveals the cracks in his mind from centuries of being forced to survive under such an oppressive spell.  Touched, Mavis reaches out and promises she’ll stay by his side.
For a brief moment, it seems as though the two of them have figured out a trick to Ankhselam’s curse. That while they might not be able to care for anyone else, they can care for each other. But the curse refuses to be outwitted, and just as the two of them begin to care for one another…Mavis falls dead.
This is surprisingly depressing for what’s usually one of the happier shonen universes. But man, as many ancient gods as this group has punched in the face, is it really possible Ankhselam gets away with inflicting this much pain and suffering onto not only two individuals, but everyone they come in contact with?

5. Next Episode: Fairy Tail’s first guild leader, Mavis Vermillion, has fallen, a victim of the sadistic Curse of Contradictions. But then how is her body still alive?  And more importantly, what’s the guild going to do about the forces from the Alvarez Empire coming to attack them?
Fairy Tail is available for streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation.

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