Dynamite Entertainment Debuts Their Largest Humble Bundle Ever

by James Ferguson

You have to love the Humble Bundle. The pay-what-you-want service has had a number of comic offers over the years. Dynamite Entertainment has returned to celebrate its 15th anniversary with its largest bundle ever. In addition to a boat load of comics, proceeds from this promotion will go towards the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, the non-profit charity with a mission of protecting creators, publishers, and more in the comics medium when their rights are threatened.

So what’s included in this bundle? All in all, there are more than 330 digital issues, which equates to almost 10,000 pages of content, plus deluxe art books and other goodies. If you were to buy these all at retail prices, they would set you back $1,270. Humble Bundle offers a “pay what you want” structure, so you can decide how much you want to spend, but bear in mind that you need to put down at least $18 in order to get everything.
Dynamite CEO/Publisher Nick Barrucci says:

A great way to kick off our big 15th anniversary is by offering fans wallet-burning deals on both our timeless classics and the latest hot titles, even peeking into the future. To top it all off, everyone will be supporting such a special cause to this industry with the CBLDF. It’s hard to beat such a lineup of all-star series, writers and artists!

There’s a mix of old and new titles included in this Humble Bundle. There’s The Boys, Green Hornet, and The Twilight Zone alongside the recently launched Bettie Page, The Lone Ranger, and Elvira. You’ll also get special early previews of the new Red Sonja #1 and the Army of Darkness / Bubba Ho-Tep crossover.
Charles Brownstein, Executive Director of the CBLDF adds:

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 15 years since Dynamite burst into the comics scene! Since then, their catalog has grown to embrace all stripes of fandom, creating awesome jump-on points for new readers coming from pop culture; publishing deep cuts for dedicated fans; and finding all around fun stories for all kinds of readers. Through it all, publisher Nick Barrucci and his team have been consistent in their vision of giving back by supporting CBLDF’s work on behalf of creators, readers, and retailers everywhere. We congratulate them on this milestone and thank them for their incredible support!

If you’re even casually interested in any of these titles, this is a must-buy.

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