5 Point Discussions: Mob Psycho 100 2 – Episode 2

by Anna Lindwasser

The second episode of Mob Psycho 100 2 dropped on January 14th, so let’s get right into it with a 5 Point Discussion.

1.This episode features the first major setting change in the series so far. In the first season, Mob and Reigen never left their home town, but now they’re traveling further afield. Not only does this give the creators the opportunity to display new and exciting background art, it also widens the world of the series. Through this scene change, we meet Banshoumaru Shinra, an professional psychic with genuine powers – someone Mob could actually learn something from. Up until now, the only psychics have been kids and kidnappers, so this is a promising change.

2.Not only did the characters leave their town, they also left behind a sense of innocence. For the first time, Mob Psycho 100 dealt with a truly adult subject – a sex offender. This one-off character ran around town in a raincoat, flashing children whenever he got the opportunity. He also carries a taser, which he uses on Shinra. Even more extreme, he seemingly dies at the hands of the Dragger. This is some seriously dark territory, well beyond anything that’s been explored so far. It’s hard to know what to make of it at this stage, but one thing is clear – Mob Psycho 100 2 is going for a wildly different vibe than the first series.

3. Body diversity in anime is great. What’s not great is making at least three references to how fat Shinra is, making physical comedy out of his jiggling stomach, and generally making his weight one of approximately three attribute that this side character has. Fat characters are almost nonexistent in anime, so when they do appear, they ought to get a little bit more respect.

4. Stepping out of critique mode for a moment – how cute was child Reigen? No, really. Look at him in his tiny yellow raincoat. You can’t look at this kid and not want to adopt twenty of him. Cuteness aside, it’s cool to get a glimpse into his life before he met Mob and started his business.

5. In my discussion of the first episode, I said that the the OP wasn’t quite as good at the OP from season one. This is not the case with the ED, Memosepia by Sanjou no Hana. The song displays the same combination of catchy and mournful as Refrain Boy by ALL OFF, but the animation has a totally new – and totally adorable vibe. I have a feeling I’m not going to be skipping this one.

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