Jason Aaron Updates Us On The Goddamned, Southern Bastards & More

by Gary Catig

Critically acclaimed comics writer Jason Aaron has so been busy writing titles at Marvel that some of his creator owned work has taken a back seat.

Recently, he posted on his newly revamped website a big update on his independent comics and it seems 2019 will be an exciting year. Fans can expect new The Goddamned, more Southern Bastards and even a new title on its way.

It’s been a few years since the last issue of The Goddamned, but a new story is in the works. The second arc, titled “The Virgin Brides” follows two young girls raised in a remote nunnery. While there, they discover a terrible secret that leads them to escape from their home at any cost. Aaron describes this series as a biblical version of Brubaker and Phillips’ Criminal. You can check out some of the new art from R.M. Guéra below.

With regards to Southern Bastards, collaborator, Jason Latour is writing and illustrating the next issue, which will lead into the next arc titled “Rebs”. Craw County will be in upheaval and the sh*t really hits the fan for all involved.

On the TV front, there is still progress towards making the Eisner Award winning series into a show with producer Scott Rudin for FX. However, for the show based off of Aaron and Guera’s Scalped, unfortunately the series was not picked up after the pilot.

Finally, the author teased a new project with artists, Stephen Green and Rico Renzi. He provided no real details but did show some artwork.

There will be no shortage of Jason Aaron comics this coming year. He has all the titles mentioned above and also his Marvel work like Avengers, Conan the Barbarian, Thor and War of the Realms. It’s crazy he finds the time to write them all.

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