Lois’ Heartbreak And Jimmy’s Bad Date In Action Comics #1007

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Jimmy Olsen follows a girl to an event only to find out that it she’s a part of the Kobra Cult. Jimmy barely escapes back to Metropolis, and he’s wringed out by Perry White. However, Jimmy’s afraid to tell anyone at the Daily Planet about Kobra lest the new owners of the paper are affiliated. Meanwhile, Lois Lane reveals a huge secret to General Sam Lane. Finally, Superman answers a crisis in Atlanta, Georgia.

Action Comics #1007 cover by Steve Epting
Action Comics #1007 cover by Steve Epting

Action Comics #1007 starts a new story arc, strangely leaving the threads about the Invisible Mafia and the Red Cloud flapping in the wind for no, though they do seem to have a connection to Leviathan.
This issue focuses primarily on Jimmy and Lois, with Superman not taking center stage until the final few pages.
The Lois Lane section of the book arguably stands out the most, as it is quite a dramatic scene that ends in a heartbreaking manner for Lois.
That said, the narrative does read a little loose in this book. The three major sequences of Jimmy, then Lois, then Clark don’t really connect in any visible way. The opening and closing sequences do have the same ending, but what that means is deliberately vague.
Action Comics #1007 art by Steve Epting, Brad Anderson, and letterer Josh Reed
Action Comics #1007 art by Steve Epting, Brad Anderson, and letterer Josh Reed

The major saving grace and what keeps this issue in the black is the artwork of the great Steve Epting. Having contributed amazing work to the likes of Captain America, New Avengers, and Batwoman, Epting’s work is just as powerful here in Action Comics. His style is matched by few, and I’m always glad to see him in a book. He’s backed up by colorist Brad Anderson, who gives a palette deep and balanced enough to match.
Action Comics #1007 is a solid read. The story is loose and disconnected. However, the high points hit well and the art of Epting and Anderson brings it home. This one is worth a recommendation. Feel free to check it out.
Action Comics #1007 comes to us from writer Brian Michael Bendis, artist and cover artist Steve Epting, color artist Brad Anderson, letterer Josh Reed, and variant cover artist Patrick Gleason.

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