It’s All For Bruce In A Preview Of Next Week’s Gotham

by Erik Amaya

It’s the anniversary of the Wayne Murders and as seen in this preview of next week’s Gotham, Jeremiah Valeska (Cameron Monaghan) has a little celebration planned for Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) involving Alfred (Sean Pertwee) and … Bruce’s parents? Meanwhile, Jim (Ben McKenzie) must deal with more explosive fallout from the latest happenings. But a fateful visit to Ace Chemicals may mean the first of many, many showdowns between Bruce and Jeremiah is about to begin.

Meanwhile, the return of Lee (Morena Baccarin) offered more complications for Jim this week as she turned out to be another of Walker’s (Jaime Murray) operatives. But at least he was able to quickly deal with that issue. Something he may not be able to deal with is Barbara’s (Erin Richards) pregnancy. Comic book history tells us she mothered two important characters in Gotham City’s future status quo, but Gotham has played fast and loose with that history all along. It is possible their apparent night together will yield a future Oracle, but it could always be another fake-out.
Not that paternity issues are the greatest of Jim’s concern’s, mind. A faction of the US government has declared war on Gotham City and things can only get worse before any sort of normalcy can return.
Gotham air Thursdays on Fox.

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