Archival Quality Wins The 2019 McDuffie Award For Diversity

by Gary Catig

The day before Long Beach Comic Expo officially begins, organizer, MAD Event Management, holds the Comics Creator Conference. After a full day of panels and networking events that connect professional comic creatives with other high-level industry professionals, the meeting concludes with the McDuffie Award program. We previously revealed the 2019 nominees for the esteemed recognition.

This year’s winner is Archival Quality by writer, Ivy Noelle Weir and artist, Christina Stewart and from Oni Press. The series follows a girl named Cel, an archivist at a local museum who works the graveyard shift. She soon becomes infatuated with a mysterious woman and as Cel attempts to help her, she begins losing touch with reality. The title was recognized for its handling of mental illness.

The Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity was created to honor comic writers and artists that strive to craft wider diversity in their creations. It was named after the trailblazing writer and producer who focused on unrepresented voices in comics.

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