There Are So Many Reasons To Be Excited For Yoshi’s Crafted World

by Christine Marie Attardo

This game is definitely in my top 3 of my most anticipated games of 2019, and we’re just about a month away from its release. Yoshi’s Crafted World will release on March 29th, but you don’t have to wait to play it. This week brought the release of a demo version. I love it when Nintendo does this because for fans that have been waiting and waiting for gameplay, it quenches their thirst. Also, if you’re a skeptical Yoshi fan…this may change your mind.
Take a look at the fun…

Every single time I see game play of this colorful world, my excitement grows. My estimation is that this game will be Yoshi’s Woolly World times ten. It’s just going to be better in every way, and because it’s on the Nintendo Switch, that makes it all the more better.
Download the demo of Yoshi’s Crafted World on the Nintendo e-shop today!

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