Blackbird #5 Starts A Magic War

by Tony Thornley

Mythology is a funny thing. It’s the basis of many of our stories and most of our archetypes and does a lot to build our view of the world. That’s why it’s fascinating to see creators build an entirely new mythology, and in Blackbird #5 we see how wholly unique the mythology of this series is.

Sam Humphries, Jen Bartel, Paul Reinwald, Triona Farrell & Jody Wynne continue the story of Nina, who’s still trying to figure out her place in this strange world she’s found herself in.

Nina has found her entire world changed as she tries to figure out not only her role in this strange world, but also her mother and sister’s. This leads to a confrontation with her sister, in which she shows incredible raw talent in magic. After breaking free, she finds herself facing an offer she can’t refuse…

Bartel, Reinwald and Farrell continue to make one of the best looking books in comics. The fight between Nina and Marissa is extremely unconventional, but the trio together are able to make it extremely engaging. Reinwald puts together some interesting layouts and compositions, while Bartel puts so much emotion into the characters. With Farrell’s bright palette, it just comes together.

Humphries’ story is fascinating, as he roots it in the lead character, but is able to build this engaging world around her. Portal fantasy is one of the genre’s biggest tropes, but he uses it to great effect. He made Nina a fully-formed character early in the run, but in this issue he also shows how interesting and well rounded the others are as well. It works incredibly well.

I love good fantasy and this series continues to impress every month.

Blackbird #5 is available now from Image Comics.

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