Ubisoft Reveals The First Year Of The Division 2’s Additional Content

by Sage Ashford

The very nature of games like Ubisoft’s The Division 2 involves a healthy post-launch plan, and here they’ve already premiered a trailer for the first year of content for the title.  All of the content mentioned will be free for everyone who purchases the game.
The trailer goes into detail on this content, including areas like the Tidal Basin, a faction stronghold held by the Black Tusk, a group challenging players who’ve reached the endgame. Then there’s the Operation Dark Hours, the Division’s first eight player raid.  Over the course of the year, Ubisoft will also release three different story-focused content updates containing content for PVP and PVE, and three new specializations for players to customize their characters with, each with their own skill trees and special signature weapons.  The first episode is D.C. Outskirts Expedition, taking you out of the city of Washington to help liberate some of the surrounding areas.
The second episode is called Pentagon: The Last Castle, and see players storming the Pentagon and learning some of the darker secrets inside Washington D.C.  Lastly, there’s the third episode, which Ubisoft is remaining cagey about for now.
The Division 2 launches March 15th, on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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