Cullen Bunn’s Demonic Takeover Of Riverdale Continues In Blossoms 666 #2

by Brendan M. Allen

Taking sibling rivalry to its most infernal limits, the Blossom twins enter into a sinister competition to prove themselves worthy of the throne of Hell. While Betty Cooper is starting to realize what they are up to, making herself a target, a mysterious stranger wanders into town, and he has designs on the infernal crown of the Anti-Christ! But Cheryl and Jason are not sitting idly by while someone steals their birthright! The twins have put aside their differences in order to take down this pretender to the throne!

In the first installment of Blossoms 666, we saw the rich and beautiful Blossom twins throw a rager at their mansion. The party was a cover for their secret sibling rivalry for the throne of the dark lord. No, not that dark lord. The older one.
Blossoms 666 #2 covers the events of the following few days. The kids are all back at school, except Reggie, who was probably tortured and/or murdered violently by our favorite introvert, Dilton Doiley. That was Cheryl’s seduction. Jason was working on Ethel Muggs, but both targets may fall by the wayside now that the Blossoms have a new contender in their demonic game, and a new target in Betty Cooper.

Cullen Bunn is setting up a brilliant case study in creeping normality. Things are plugging along on the surface, just normal enough that the residents of Riverdale don’t even notice the undercurrent of corruption and deceit that will ultimately consume the town if it goes unchecked. By the time anyone knows what’s happening, it’ll be too late to stop.

One of the things I love about Bunn joints is his attention to interpersonal relationships, specifically between siblings. The Blossoms have this whole Kathryn Merteuil/Sebastian Valmont dynamic, but with infinitely higher stakes. Throw a mysterious new family member into that mix, and all hell’s about to break loose.

Much of the shock value of this and the previous chapter are owing to the art by Laura Braga and Matt Herms. This book fits right into the aesthetic of the other Archie Comics titles, which intensifies the betrayal when the plot turns. Those splashes of blood come out of nowhere. Reggie beaten and bloodied, tied to a tree? Wait. Hold up. I mean, the dude’s an entitled jerk, but…
Everything about Blossoms 666 is deeply unsettling. Watching characters you’ve known and loved for decades being manipulated into situations straight out of Needful Things? Yup. That’ll do it.

Blossoms 666 #2, Archie Comics, released 06 March 2019. Written by Cullen Bunn, art by Laura Braga, color by Matt Herms, and letters by Jack Morelli. Variant covers available by Audrey Mok and Wilfredo Torres.

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