5 Point Discussions – Fairy Tail 21: “During Hushed Times”

by Sage Ashford

The groups of Fairy Tail arrive to face off against the Spriggan 12 and their massive armies. Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. On the one hand, it feels like a cop-out for Mashima to reveal Laxus has been struggling with the Bane Particles for a year in one episode, only to eliminate that struggle in the very next. There’s no point to telling users about the consequences of fighting reckless when it turns out there aren’t really any consequences at all.
…But then on the other hand, there are few things sweeter than seeing a cocky villain outsmarted. Just as Laxus is unable to fight back thanks to the Bane Particles inside him, Laxus draws a Rune Circle around Wall to stop his next attack. He crawls inside it seconds before Wall brags about how he can defeat any spell and cancels the circle, when Wall remembers doing so also cancels the Bane Particles inside Laxus…and gets smashed to pieces by a new lightning attack from the Dragon Slayer made of red and black energy. And yeah, Wall spent the latter half of this fight bragging about how lightning doesn’t affect him anymore…but in a shonen series that’s essentially just flat out telling everyone “I’m going to lose to a lightning attack”. This also works as partial payback for what Wall did to Freed and the others, as his ability to undo Wall’s enchantments prove to be his undoing.

2. A lot of this episode is about redemption. In the middle of Laxus turning the tides on Wall, he remembers how he turned on the guild and his friends once, and how grateful he is they took him back, which also explains why since then, Laxus has been so brazen about risking his life whenever he’s defending the guild.  They didn’t have to take him back, so now he feels like he owes them something.  That’s why since then he’s arguably put in the most work alongside Natsu and Erza.
It’s fitting then, that Crime Sorciere makes its reappearance in this episode. The entire guild made up of mages who were on a dark path but eventually course-corrected, and nearly all of them have been affected in one way or another by the legend of Zeref. By stopping him here, they all hope to find some measure of redemption for the pain they’ve wrought on innocent people. Most of the main members are here: Jellal, Meredy, and…

3. Last we left Ultear, she’d been transformed into an old woman after misusing some forbidden magic. We thought the spell had simply sapped her age, but instead it took her younger self and left it trapped outside of time. It’s convenient to learn of it now, but that’s about the only way anyone was going to stand a chance against Dimaria, who (as expected) has control of time itself.
Next to Marin’s utter control of “Space”, this is by far the most absurd ability any mage has wielded since the new arc started, and it does leave one wondering why Zeref can’t just use Dimaria to fight Acnologia. Especially when you learn that she’s actually another Take Over mage, except rather than commanding generic monsters, she can literally command the spirit of a god to fight for her. This is one of those abilities you’d normally call BS on–she can do this “because magic” isn’t a solid reason for why Dimaria can just boss a god around, right? But Dimaria is a rare descendant of a city of worshipers for Chronos (the god in question), and it’s out of a desire to honor their pact she can call on its power occasionally.

4. Shonen series love stealing from one another. Dragon Ball Z did power ups and time skips?  Nearly all popular shonen ever has at least one of each in their series. But methinks Mashima might be stealing from another (and in my opinion) better writer as well: Yoshihiro Togashi. With the introduction of Third Origin release, Fairy Tail has now purposefully taken the quick power boost ideas from not one, but both of Togashi’s biggest action series.
First, after the Time Skip following the Tenrou Island arc, Ultear introduced Second Origin to team Fairy Tail. It was a special technique granted to all the ace members of Fairy Tail, because they’d been missing seven years and the world passed them by.  All of them got to experience a massive increase in magical ability at the price of excruciating pain for a night. This is identical to what happened when Yusuke received his boost in power before facing Toguro, where Genkai gave him most of her energy and left him in a cave to endure the pain of learning how to master it.
Now, with Dimaria powerful enough to completely wreck the Sky Sisters, Ultear offers her magic powers to grant them a new boost in power: Third Origin.  This power forces mages to gain the magic power of their future all at once, destroying their potential tomorrow. If used, it causes the mage in question to lose their ability to use magic forever. This is basically how Gon’s power up worked in Hunter x Hunter; he turned into his adult self for his last fight against Neferpitou, gaining all of his potential power but afterwards losing access to his Nen, potentially forever. Well, if you’re going to steal, steal from the best.

5. Next Episode: Man, they are wasting no time tearing through these Twelve members. I feel like even Tartaros gave Fairy Tail a bigger challenge. Granted, maybe they’re just properly leveled for the final boss dungeon. In any case, next week the team goes up against Jacob Lessio, who I’m almost certain is a rip-off of a certain bald gentleman known for transporting things. Also, Natsu’s back!  …Already?  Jeez, this arc is breakneck in pacing.
Fairy Tail is available for streaming on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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