Nora’s Secret Revealed On The Next Episode Of The Flash

by Erik Amaya

While Cicada (Chris Klein) has been neutralized, the alterations to the timeline brought forth a new and upsetting variable. And if this preview for next week’s show is to be believed, Thawne (Tom Cavanagh) offers Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) one solution: tell her father, Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) everything. The truth may save Team Flash and the timeline, but will it break Barry’s heart?

Considering Nora’s real mission is to prevent Barry’s death in the Crisis, altering the outcome of the Cicada Affair was always just a test flight. But now that she’s seen what could happen by altering a villain’s end-state, will she reconsider saving Barry? Also, will Barry ever be able to forgive her for working with Thawne? Or will he assume the Reverse-Flash manipulated her in ways she could never comprehend? These questions make the latter part of the current season far more interesting than we ever expected.
The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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