The Search For Roach Riley Intensifies In Spencer & Locke 2 #2 First Look

by James Ferguson

Spencer & Locke 2 hasn’t even officially started yet, but it’s already heating up. Action Lab: Danger Zone has released an early preview for the second issue, due out in May. The sequel series, from writer David Pepose, artist Jorge Santiago, Jr, and colorist Jasen Smith, follows the title characters as they search the city for menacing Roach Riley. They find themselves on the wrong side of the law as Roach crashes their hearing with a sixty-ton tank.

I got an early look at Spencer & Locke 2 #1 and it’s some pretty great stuff. Needless to say, I’m eagerly awaiting the rest of this series, especially after speaking with Pepose about it.
Spencer & Locke 2 #2 will feature covers by Santiago Jr, Maan House, and Joe Mulvey. It’s set for release on April 24th with a final order cutoff date for comic shops on April 1st.

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