Wolverine: Infinity Watch #2 Is The Wolverine Vs The Marvel Universe Book We Need

by Tony Thornley

At one point in Wolverine: Infinity Watch #2, Logan pilots a flying Viking warship over Texas, surrounded by empty beer bottles. And that’s just a small part of why this issue is so much fun.

Cover by Giuseppe Camuncoli

Gerry Duggan, Andy MacDonald, Jordie Bellaire, and Cory Petit continue Logan’s reintroduction to the wider Marvel Universe in this issue.

Wolverine and Loki are racing through Texas to find Hector Bautista, the death row inmate who’s been given the Time Gem in the wake of Infinity. Just as they find Hector, so does the violent Chitauri warrior Warbringer. The trio have to try to defeat the alien, or one of the Infinity Gems end up in the hands of the deadliest conquerors in the universe…

Calling this just a Wolverine story is kind of an injustice, because it’s a Wolverine/Loki team-up through and through. Both leads are crucial to the plot, which is critical to a story like though. However, their relationship and the verbal sparring we get virtually cover to cover is fantastic. It’s such a fun read, simply because Duggan understand his leads.

MacDonald and Bellaire make this issue even more fun. Bellaire makes a smart choice to set the issue entirely in the bright Texas sun, and she really makes it feel like it, with blue skies and bright colors. MacDonald has a great eye for comedy, such as the moment I mentioned in the introduction, but when Logan gets into it with Warbringer, he nails the pacing, layouts, and choreography. It’s a great looking issue.

I was severely burned out on Wolverine’s return, but two issues in, I’m regaining my faith in the character. I can’t wait to see where it ends up.

Wolverine: Infinity Watch #2 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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