5 Point Discussions – Black Clover 75: “Fierce Battle”

by Sage Ashford

The Royal Knight Exam continues with several matches between teams. Which groups will survive to the next round? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. I know in last episode’s 5 Points I talked about Kirsche as if there was half a chance he could’ve been a decent person, but…let’s be honest. If he started out decent, what character arc would he have? What’s fascinating though is Kirsche actually is what he claims to be–beautiful, talented, intelligent…but no one seems to care, because he’s so astonishingly narcissistic. He can’t make it through a sentence without explaining how impressed he is with himself and what he can do. Normally people like this in stories aren’t just forgiven for their arrogance, but outright congratulated because of their hyper-competence. Even Black Clover is guilty of this, but that just highlights just how over the top Kirsche is.

2. However, make no mistake: Kirsche is everything he advertises himself to be. Sol and Magna have nothing in common, and are just low-level enough in terms of their abilities that they could’ve been used as fodder to get taken out in the first round. Instead, Kirsche effortlessly leads them to victory, teaching them new ways to apply their techniques so they can effortlessly pass round one. It’s a bit surprising at first, until you realize Kirsche is Vice Captain of a Magic Knight guild whose leader is constantly unconscious due to her magic’s abilities, so he’s been the de-facto leader for the group this entire time. This is preferred–we already have someone who’s overly impressed with his powers but isn’t as good as he thinks. Mimosa wanted Kirsche to survive in order to wipe him out alongside Asta, and that win is more satisfying if it’s something they have to earn.

3. Frosted tips Finral getting his time to shine at last?!  I’m on board for this.  Something of the punching bag of the Black Bulls, Finral’s basically just been fast travel for the better part of Black Clover, aside from his time fighting Vetto. But this week Tabata shows just how much a character can grow when they experience dangerous fights like that. He takes Leopold Vermillion and Hamon (of the Golden Dawn), two characters who wouldn’t normally get along at all and leads them to an even more effortless victory than Kirsche’s. He’s clearly motivated in a way we’re not normally used to seeing, and for good reason.

4. Much of this arc is about how being a royal isn’t automatically a ticket to a perfect life. They’re constantly ostracizing anyone who isn’t “powerful enough” because they’ve never been socialized to do anything else, which means most of the royal families are in some form of disarray. Noelle’s been all but disowned by her brothers and sister for her inability to control her mana, Mimosa dislikes the way royals treat one another, and is disgusted by her brother’s narcissism, and Finral? Well, Finral’s got a brother who literally won at life, getting to become the head of the Vaude bloodline because his elder brother had weaker magic, and had no desire to inflict pain onto anyone.  Despite this, the nature of their society has caused him to constantly antagonize his elder brother for his inferiority.
But much like Kirsche, Langris is absurdly powerful. Before now, the only thing we’ve ever seen is Finral using spatial magic to transport people around.  Langris on the other hand can use it to vaporize things (and presumably people), and dispatches his opponents with such ease his opponents never get a chance to attack. Finral seems determined to defeat him in combat, but that might not be possible considering the gap in their abilities…particularly when he’s not the main character.

5. A rare glimpse at Petit Clover this week. It’s always said Gordon is the best member of the group, but in reality it’s Finral in a walk. I mean, he’s constantly supporting his younger teammates, of invaluable aid to his Captain, and is just an all around sweet kid. What’s Gordon ever done? Finral can teleport the team to any location in seconds–we don’t even know Gordon’s spells yet.
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