WonderCon 2019: Valiant Talks All Things Bloodshot

by Gary Catig

The character of Bloodshot will be playing an important role in the Valiant Universe both in comics and the big screen. In order to prepare him for the big stage, the publisher held a panel on all things Bloodshot on Sunday afternoon at WonderCon. It was a good opportunity to introduce the character to those unfamiliar and to update fans on their upcoming plans.

Moderator, Emily Hecht, first went into the history of Bloodshot and what comics in the modern age would be a good for those new to him. In September, he will receive a new ongoing series and editor, Lysa Hawkins, spoke about it. It will be the first time he will be a superhero and writer, Tim Seeley, wanted him to be a combination of Superman, Die Hard’s John McClane and Frankenstein’s monster. Humor will also be incorporated into the series and the first couple of arcs will be comprised of three issues.

They are hoping the new series will be a good jumping on point and will be accessible to new readers to Bloodshot and comics in general. The first trade will be out in December, a few months before the film. It will be a good companion piece to the movie and will give local comic shops something to hand out for people that loved the movie and want to know more.

Speaking of the movie, co-creator, Kevin VanHook, spoke of visiting the set in South Africa and hanging out with star, Vin Diesel and the director. He was coy with answering audience questions about details but teased it would make sense for Valiant to introduce another character from the Universe in the film to plant seeds for the future. VanHook also hopes that he and other co-creator, Bob Layton, make the Blu-ray extras with a cameo in an outtake.

Overall, the panel was a good update on the popular Valiant character and it has been a long road to take him to the big screen. At one point in 2000, there was a movie based off of a Brian Azzarello script with pro wrestler, Triple H, to star. The Bloodshot film will be released February 21, 2020.

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