Valiant’s April Fool’s Day Brought Us Googly-Eyes Bloodshot Variant

by Tony Thornley

April Fool’s Day jokes have become an endless series of barely-believable hoaxes and eye-rolling puns. So it’s great when a company actually ”announces” something funny.

Bloodshot #1 Cover By Declan Shalvey and Michaels

As the press release states “Valiant Entertainment is beyond excited to reveal the first look at the BLOODSHOT #1 Googly-Eyes Variant, which features an eye-popping cover image by Declan Shalvey and an extra special Googly-Eyes treatment from Michaels, the premier source for art supplies, crafting, and framing!”

You can just picture the Valiant press team giggling as they wrote the announcement. They even got the creative team in on the joke.

“In today’s crazy topsy-turvy world, I think Bloodshot’s Googly-Eyes is a savvy metaphor for how Googly-Eyed we’re all viewing each other,” observed cover artist and “part-time philosopher” Shalvey. “Bloodshot has his finger—and Googly-Eyes—on the pulse of modern culture.”

“They say the eyes are the windows to the soul,” artist Brett Booth said as he as gazed at the clear sky during a peaceful picnic. “With Bloodshot’s eyes being perpetually red, we miss out on his deeper emotions. With this Googly-Eyed Edition, I feel we can finally see the deeper feelings and emotions that truly drive this character.”

Preview Page by Brett Booth with more Googly-Eyes from the Michaels around the corner

“If the ’90s were the Chromium Era of comics, then I think Valiant is ushering in the Googly-Eyes Age,” Tim Seeley passionately tweeted. “Modern readers want great stories, top-notch art, collectability, and the utter hilariousness of eyeballs that freely move around. Look at them! HA! SO SILLY!”

In an era of bad jokes, worse puns, and unbelievable announcements, it’s fun to see a company go all in on a cheesy gag.

Bloodshot #1 is out this September from Valiant Entertainment and I’m sure we’ll see some REAL variant covers for the debut issue soon.

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