WonderCon 2019: A Comic Related Haul

by Gary Catig

WonderCon was this past weekend and many consider it SDCC Light. There are many aspects of pop culture represented from TV, film and comics. My haul this year was heavily comics influenced and I received a little something from various publishers. This doesn’t even include everything I got signed from my private collection.

I probably got the most from Valiant including two special gold logo variants of Ninja-K and The Life & Death of Toyo Harada, the Spring 2019 Preview and a bookmark. From IDW I picked up an Usagi Yojimbo poster and won a postcard for Black Crown’s Eve Stranger. I purchased a Murder Falcon T-shirt and received an Outer Darkness ashcan from Skybound. Additionally, I won a Greg Pak signed copy of Ronin Island at the Boom! Studios panel. Finally, from the DC booth, I picked up some pins including an 80 Years of Batman one and a pack of Detective Comics #1000 collector cards. Also related, I bought a We Are Robin, Duke Thomas action figure because he’s one of my favorite characters.

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