SEGA Announces Latest ‘Sakura Wars’ During SegaFes

by Sage Ashford

During the weekend’s Sega Festival, the company decided it still cared about doing something other than making new Sonics and Yakuza titles, and announced a new entry in Sakura Wars franchise. Set roughly ten years after humanity’s last war, the Imperial Combat Revue is called upon once again–this time with an all-new cast of women responsible for piloting the steam-powered robots signature to the series.  The player plays as Seijuuro Kamiyama, originally a ship captain until he was forced to become the head of the Imperial Combat Revue of Japan.
Featuring designs by Tite Kubo of Bleach, this version of Sakura Wars seems to be different from previous ones, as SEGA seems to have crafted their version of Imperial Tokyo and will allow players not only an opportunity to explore it, but also experience different side missions and get to know the women behind the giant robots Sakura Wars is best known for.
Sakura Wars is scheduled to release Winter 2019 (the end of the year, into next year), while the US is scheduled for Spring 2020.  Currently, we only have a confirmed release on PlayStation 4.

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