Critiquing Comics #153: ‘The Sequels’ And ‘Metaphorical HER’

by Hannah Means Shannon

The Critiquing Comics Podcast is back tonight from the same folks who bring us Deconstructing Comics, but this time focusing on the craft of making comics.
The Sequals and Metaphorical HER
That special, ’80s-movie moment in your life: What if you could bring it back? Writer Norm Harper and artists Val Halvorson and Bobby Timony explore this question in The Sequels #1: Circuit Boarders.
Metaphorical HER, by writer James Maddox and artist David Stoll, is a comic employing eye-catching visual metaphors and exploring the world of poetry. Why is there hardly any poetry in it? Tim thinks Mulele’s got it figured out. Together they critique both books.
Listen up below!

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