Young, Marginalized, And Super-Powered In The Quiet Kind From Dark Horse

by James Ferguson

Writer Chuck Brown and artist Jeremy Treece explore what it means for young, marginalized children to suddenly come into great, cosmic power in The Quiet Kind, a one-shot coming in July from Dark Horse Comics.

The book is described as “a tale of power, revenge, and empathy.” It follows Solomon, a young boy who is suddenly imbued with the powers of ancient gods. He’s visited by a band of kids that have similar gifts, forcing him to decide whether to use his powers for good or risk unraveling existence itself by seeking vengeance on his bullies.
The Quiet Kind clocks in at 64 pages including an 8-page prequel story illustrated by Kelly Williams. It features a cover by Michael Cho and it’s set for release on July 17th, 2019.

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