Infernal Sibling Rivalry Heats Up In Blossoms 666 #3

by Brendan M. Allen

The Blossom twins have challenged one another to a competition. The challenge: corrupt Betty Cooper! The winner claims the title of Anti-Christ. But a mysterious figure has entered Riverdale, and he wants in on the competition—and the reward—himself!

Cheryl and Jason Blossom have been operating under the assumption that, being twins and all, that one of them fulfill a prophecy to become the Anti-Christ. All well and good, until the pair learns in Blossoms 666 #3 that they aren’t actually twins at all, but triplets! Throw their older (by minutes) brother Julian into the fray, and their odds are significantly reduced. Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite girl next door Betty Cooper is determined to get to the bottom of the whole mess, completely oblivious to the new threat.

Given that the Blossoms have always been interesting side pieces in the Archie-verse without ever really taking lead roles as part of the gang, Cullen Bunn is given carte blanche to flesh these kids out however he sees fit. The sibs are growing in ways you probably wouldn’t have ever predicted and casting a large net with their influence over the river of darkness flowing just beneath the surface of idyllic Riverdale.

The meddling they’d been up to in the first couple chapters didn’t really affect me much. Doiley, Muggs…eh. Those two are mostly moving props anyway. Mantle probably deserved it. It was easy to stand back, dissociate, and watch the redheads do their thing. But now they’re going after Betty? I see what you’re doing there, Bunn. Easy, fella.

I’ve mentioned in reviews of previous chapters that Blossoms 666 owes much of its shock value to Laura Braga and Matt Herms. The art team has nailed down an aesthetic that fits right into the established Archie-verse, which intensifies the betrayal when this thing turns.

Anyway, this is the turn. We’re dead in the middle of this mini, and all the cards are on the table. All the players have checked in (probably), and we’re about to see just how far Cheryl and Jason will go to claim the infernal throne. All I have to say is, Betty better survive this thing.

Blossoms 666 #3, published by Archie Comics, released 17 April 2019. Story by Cullen Bunn, art by Laura Braga, letters by Jack Morelli, color by Matt Herms, covers by Laura Braga, Margarite Sauvage, and Matthew Taylor.

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