DC Comics Announce New Batman/Superman Comic From Williamson And Marquez

by Olly MacNamee

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Joshua Williamson’s writing on The Flash, so I was more than happy to hear that he’d be taking on both Batman and Superman when they return to their world finest status of partners-in-fighting-crime this summer from DC Comics.

Taking its cue from The Batman Who Laughs mini-series that finishes in July with an additional seventh issue, Batman/Superman’s first story-arc will focus on six infected superheroes (seems there’s a lot of that going around at the moment in the DCU), people revealed to be infected by the Batman Who Laughs with a deadly pathogen that violently transforms them into the evilest versions of themselves.

Batman/Superman #1, written by Joshua Williamson and illustrated by David Marquez with colors by Dave Stewart, will hit shelves August 14, 2019.

Cover, by Jock, to the newly announced seventh issue of The Batman Who Laughs, written by Scott Snyder

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