The Consultant Sequel Begins On ComiXology This Week

by James Ferguson

The Consultant from Action Lab: Danger Zone continues as Marcus Greenberg rots in a prison cell, plotting his revenge against his friends and foes. The series, written by Jason Sterr and illustrated by Daniel Maine, is set to get a sequel as a digital-first series on ComiXology beginning on May 1st.

The Consultant: Volume 2 – Quid Pro Quo picks up as Russell Small and Tiburon recreating the super hero team called The Guardians while Marcus sits in jail. Andrea Bennet, the head of the Office of Metahuman Response pits Marcus and Russell against each other in a super-powered arms race that might just escalate World War III.

The deconstructive superhero story pokes fun at itself and the tropes of the genre. It’s tailor made for fans of The Boys. It has that same kind of tongue-in-cheek vibe.

Writer Jason Sterr says:

Marcus has become my way of venting at, and with, the world of comics that I love so much.  He’s my way of both not-so-secretly indulging in my favorite pastime but also allowing me to eye-roll at it as well.

The Consultant’s sequel series will run for four issues, appearing on ComiXology now. It’s currently available for pre-order. A collected edition will be released in September.

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