5 Point Discussions – Fairy Tail (2018) 29: “The Winter Wizard”

by Sage Ashford

Team Fairy Tail faces off against the combined might of the Alvarez Empire–from the Spriggan 12 to their one million strong army.  Do they even stand a chance? Remember, if you like this article and 5 Point Discussions, please share it on Facebook or Twitter! It really helps. And if you’ve got any comments or questions, please hit me up @SageShinigami.

1. The Ten Wizard Saints are scrubs. That’s the only explanation I can offer when pretty much all of them are constantly getting washed like this. After being brought back from death by Neinhart’s Historia ability, God Serena faces off against a returning Gildarts. You figure if the first loss was to put Acnologia over as this all powerful being, this would be a bit more even for a proper fight, especially since Gildarts faced the same opponent and walked away with two fewer limbs for his trouble. But no, Serena brags about being Eight Dragon Serena or whatever before Gildarts takes him out with one punch. Dude got his salty rematch only to wind up getting Flawless Victory’d into irrelevance. And yeah, Gildarts says a couple times that Serena clearly isn’t as strong as he’s supposed to be…but so what? How much more of a threat can he be if this fifty percent version or whatever got Saitama’d?

2. While team Fairy Tail is still fighting it’s way through the Spriggan 11 and it’s 990,000 soldiers, there’s still a ticking clock going. Mavis has been captured by Zeref, and thanks to Invel’s “Ice Lock” ability, she can’t move or think straight to get herself free, so Irene is free to try and pull the Fairy Heart from her body. Mashima’s smart enough not to give a concrete time on how long that would take, lest fans get Vietnam Flashbacks of the “Five Minutes on Namek”, but given this entire story is over in 17-20 episodes, this can’t remain a thing for too much longer.

We also have Neinhart arrive to explain that Erza is still alive, only for Irene to order him to simply kill her. I assumed this was Erza’s mother since we might as well explain that part away, but this is a pretty cold-hearted way to treat one’s child. Still, Neinhart already failed to beat Erza with his Historia technique…and in pretty spectacular fashion, so Irene tells him to try fighting her himself with his own abilities. At this point, Neinhart’s eyes turn black, and I’m not sure if he has his own second level of power to use…or if Irene just cast an enchantment on him so he can fight with some kind of berserker rage. Neinhart looks like he couldn’t bust a grape in a fruit fight, so let’s assume it’s the former.

3. Somehow, way too many matches in Fairy Tail always come down to just beating the guy who has a near identical version of your abilities, even though Fairy Tail is stuffed to the gills with enough sorcerers to do proper weakness matching. Yeah, we’ve got the guy who’s trained with a fire dragon and literally breathes and eats the stuff, but instead we’ve gotta have Gray go up against the latest Ice Mage. He has to prove himself the baddest, most dangerous of the snowmen. Unlike the ones Gray’s faced in the past though, rather than creating Ice, Invel explains he is simply able to freeze whatever he wants…including Gray’s ice spell. Now aside from that having roughly the same logic as “people die when they are killed”, I’m still not sold on having Invel be Gray’s final “Ice-based” opponent. Up until now, he’s been facing rivals and family members when they boast of their ice abilities–but here’s there’s no real tie. Invel’s just some dude who happens to work for Zeref,

Anyway, Gray goes into Ice Devil mode and Invel realizes who Gray is and his connection to some of Zeref’s past experiments. But while Gray manages to get some pretty strong hits in, a moment’s distraction leads to Invel using what is definitely his best weapon (regardless of what they might show next episode) to capture both Gray and Juvia in his Ice Lock technique, commanding them both to fight to the death. Invel is intent on having Gray journey down the dark side, living up to the future Natsu believed he had already avoided. This drags Gray into Zeref’s three hundred year plan, but it still feels like they’re trying to force a story onto a guy who’s story was honestly done being told two arcs ago.

4. After initially being frozen by Invel, Natsu manages to free himself and the others through the powers of his flame. However, none of them are able to help, as Brandish has used her powers on herself for once and kidnaps Natsu, Lucy, and Happy to “finish off” herself. One thing no one can say is this last series wastes any time–it was maybe a month ago Mest betrayed Brandish’s trust, now people are paying the price for it pretty much immediately.  I didn’t see Brandish joining these guys given the story’s “over” (sure 100 Year Quest is coming but that seems like an epilogue for mainstay characters only), but now it’s up in the air whether she even gets to have a redemption arc or not.

5. Next Episode: No one should be surprised that Juvia has zero interest in fighting her one true love to the death.  And given her unique properties of being a water mage, it’s logical she’d be able to control herself more than someone else might.  This is where I wish we could get some sort of curveball to the story though, as it’s easy to predict Juvia gets hurt, this annoys Gray, he powers up and beats down Invel, but Juvia isn’t down for good. A better question here is given all the mentions of E.N.D., is Gray finally going to find out E.N.D. is one of his oldest friends?

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