A Familiar Kidnapping In Descendant #1

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]

A senator and presidential candidate’s child is kidnapped while their parents are in the house, and a lone man named David drives his truck through the barriers at an air force base. These things…aren’t technically connected. David is a conspiracy theorist interested in “holding his government accountable. He’s bailed by his far-too-patient lawyer soon-to-be-ex-wife, Amanda. When this conspiracy theorist finds out about the kidnapping, he recognizes the symbol used by the kidnapper as the same used by the individuals who took Charles Lindbergh’s child in 1932. David senses something bigger here, and his wife might just have to tag along to watch out for him.

Descendent #1 cover by Juan Doe
Descendent #1 cover by Juan Doe

Descendent #1 is a fun if somewhat run-of-the-mill start for a conspiracy-centered comic. David and Amanda make for an entertaining duo, and their dialogue is solid.

Connecting the story to that of the Lindbergh baby adds some flavor, but this isn’t something uncommon to comics of this sort. It is a little funny that David brings up MK-Ultra at one point, and Amanda’s only rejoinder is that things like that couldn’t possibly still be happening (at the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist myself I suppose).

It’s hard to believe that a lone nut who drives his truck onto an air force base could be set free at any bail cost, and he certainly wouldn’t be able to do so and then return to some level of anonymity in his life– the media would be on him the second he walked out of custody. This makes me feel a little like a pedant, but that and other aspects of the plot do strain believability.

Descendant #1 art by Evgeniy Bornyakov, Lauren Affe, and letterer A Larger World Studio's Troy Peteri
Descendant #1 art by Evgeniy Bornyakov, Lauren Affe, and letterer A Larger World Studio’s Troy Peteri

Evgeniy Bornyakov is the artist on this venture, and the work looks damn solid. It’s sleek, textured, and adds a lighter personality to the comic. Lauren Affe’s color work compliments it well with a lighter palette, and the overall book looks damn good.

Descendent #1 is an entertaining first installment to a conspiracy series with potential. The tone is a little wonky given the seriousness of what transpires and the comedic manner in which David and his antics are treated, but that doesn’t sink the book. It’s worth a recommendation. Feel free to pick it up.

Descendent #1 comes to us from writer Stephanie Phillips, artist Evgeniy Bornyakov, color artist Lauren Affe, letterer A Larger World Studio’s Troy Peteri, cover artist Juan Doe, and variant cover artist Andrei Bressan with Adriano Lucas.

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