Celebrate Mothers’ Day With Mondo’s Alien Queen Tiki Set

by Olly MacNamee

Mondo do a neat line in franchise favourite tiki jugs and this Friday they’ll be releasing their newest addition with their Alien Queen Tiki, and on the 40th anniversary of Alien to boot.

Alien Queen Tiki is a ceramic mug inspired by both Tiki culture and the James Cameron classic. The mug is handmade and holds 22 ounces. In addition to her, this set also comes with two Alien Egg tiki shooters, each holding 2oz, so now you can have a nest of your own! The set also includes one Facehugger swizzle stick, and one Chestburster swizzle stick! In space, no one can hear you scream…but they can watch you drink!

Alien Queen & Eggs Tiki Mug Set (Mother’s Day Variant). This glaze is the Mother’s Day variant, which features a Robin Shell Blue glaze. Approx. 9″ in height, Eggs- Approx. 2.5″ in height, Material: Ceramic. Artists: Mike Bonanno, Tufan Sezer, Tiki Farm. Timed Edition – Available until Monday (5/13) at NOON (CT). Expected to Ship in September 2019. Ships Worldwide. $100

Now, while we’ve already had Mothers’ Day over here in the UK, you have yours this Sunday May 12th, so it’s appropriate – albeit badly timed – that Mondo will be releasing a ‘Mother’s’ Day variant to mark this occasion. Orders run from Friday 10th May until Monday 13th May. And, while it won’t arrive in the for this year’s Mother’s Day, you could always hide it away until next year.

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