Dive Deeper Into The Magiclands In Shazam! #5

by Tony Thornley

If there’s one thing SHAZAM! has taught us about the worlds of magic in the DCU, it’s how little we knew before. SHAZAM! #5 dives deeper into those new worlds, putting Billy Batson’s family into even more danger.

Cover by Dale Eaglesham and Mike Atiyeh

Geoff Johns, Dale Eaglesham, Marco Santucci, Scott Kolins, Max Raynor, Mike Atiyeh, and Rob Leigh continue into the Magiclands, as two new players enter the field.

Black Adam arrives on the Rock of Eternity, determined to stop BIlly and his family. Meanwhile the family is split across the Magiclands, each in a situation that’s getting worse by the second. Can they reunite in time to save one another, or are they doomed?

Johns escalates the stakes for all the kids in a big way here. Each of the three duos have distinct but equally dangerous situations. These separate threads are also full of both character building and world building moments, giving the series a stronger foundation as they go on. Add a satisfying cliffhanger, and it makes for a great issue.

Normally it’s a bad sign when there are four pencillers on an issue, but the team splits up the issue in a smart way. Each does a great job with their portion of the issue- Santucci does the intro, Eaglesham Billy and Mary’s story, Kolins Eugene and Pedro’s, and Raynor Freddy and Darla’s. Each one feels distinct in a naturally, but Atiyeh’s colors unify the stories while bringing each realm to life. It works way better than most “artist jam” type issues ever do.

This series continues to be a lot of fun and is leading to some big stories for SHAZAM’s future.

SHAZAM #5 is available now from DC Comics.

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