Enter The Empty Man’s World In Empty Man #7

by Josh Davison

[*Mild Spoilers Ahead!]
Langford has returned from the Empty Man’s realm, and he has tumorous homunculus attached to him that behave like extensions of his will. He leads the Melissa and the Kerry Family through the decaying city while explaining what happened while he was in the Empty Man’s realm. Langford met the Empty Man himself and attempted to kill the godlike creature. Apparently, that didn’t end the virus. Meanwhile, Marsh as awoken to find the hospital that treated him in chaos. The nurses are infected and ready to butcher him.

Empty Man #7 cover by Vanesa R. Del Rey
Empty Man #7 cover by Vanesa R. Del Rey

Empty Man #7 shows us Langford’s time in the Empty Man’s realm and the horrid nature of that place. It’s a fleshy and barren place that nonetheless reeks with decay and cruelty.
This is the kind of story that I love– a true journey into an otherworldly hellscape. Babyteeth provided something like this in its more recent issues, and, needless to say, A Walk Through Hell does the same in just about every installment. Props to Her Infernal Descent too (AfterShock just gets me most of the time).
Langford has come back changed as well, and you’re left wondering if he is to be trusted. He’s being evasive about his encounter with the Empty Man, and he implies that the cure may be as bad as the disease before the final revelation at the end of the comic.
It’s a tense and macabre read that reminds me why I love Cullen Bunn horror comics.
Empty Man #7 art by Jesús Hervás, Niko Guardia, and letterer Ed Dukeshire
Empty Man #7 art by Jesús Hervás, Niko Guardia, and letterer Ed Dukeshire

Jesús Hervás’ ability to bring this issue to life cannot be understated. His depiction of the Empty Man’s realm is horrifically beautiful, and the thing that Langford has become is something of a horror masterpiece unto itself. Niko Guardia’s color art keeps the mood ominous and alien throughout, which is the perfect tone to strike for this book.
Empty Man #7 is a high point for the already-good horror series. The exploration of the Empty Man’s realm and Langford’s explanation of it all is thoroughly unnerving and earns this comic an easy recommendation. Check it out.
Empty Man #7 comes to us from writer Cullen Bunn, artist and variant cover artist Jesús Hervás, color artist Niko Guardia, letterer Ed Dukeshire, and cover artist Vanesa R. Del Rey.

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