Kate Kane Takes Possession Of The Cape And Cowl In Batwoman Preview

by Erik Amaya


Get ready for a time-warp.

The CW has released the first preview for the Fall’s Batwoman, and every single second of it suggests it will take place sometime before last year’s “Elseworlds” crossover event. The trailer establishes an Earth-1 Gotham City without Batman. In his absence, a private defense force know as Crows have taken to the streets to clean up the city. But when one of its members gets kidnapped, Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) takes its personally — the kidnapping victim is her ex-girlfriend. While her father Jacob (Dougray Scott), the head of the Crows, tells her to sit it out, Kate heads to Wayne Tower and learns the truth about her cousin Bruce Wayne. She immediately picks up the cape and cowl and becomes … well, not quite herself just yet.

The altered Batman suit and Kate’s own comments about not letting a man take credit for her accomplishments all point at the series starting sometime in Earth-1’s past. It’s only fitting as the series has been pitched as an origin story since last summer. The trailer also defines the tone of the series as Kate assumes the role of Gotham’s protector, it will resemble the look of Arrow with a central character more prone to sarcasm.

Unfortunately, we can’t really judge the quality of the series based on an Upfront trailer, though. They are designed more for advertisers than the general public and mean to cultivate their interest in different ways. That said, we can’t help but wonder what this means for “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” Per a poster for the crossover glimpsed at The CW’s Upfront presentation, Batwoman will be part of the story. Either the series will catch up with its Arrowverse cousins in quick order or Kate’s future state will be a countdown timer on Batwoman‘s first season.

No matter its place in the tapestry, we will be watching. Rose already seems more at ease playing Kate here than she did in “Elseworlds.” She also seems more comfortable in the bat-suit, even if it is not her own.

Batwoman debuts in the Fall on The CW.

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