Naomi #5 Brings Us The Complete Origin Of The DCU’s Newest Hero

by Tony Thornley

Naomi has been to date one of the most complex superhero origin stories we’ve seen in recent comics. However, it’s also been one of the most gorgeous and entertaining, a superhero story that takes advantage of all the tropes and tools the DC Universe offers. So does the fifth issue continue to deliver?

Brian Michael Bendis, David Walker, Jamal Campbell, and Wes Abbott unveil the totality of Naomi’s complicated background with the penultimate chapter of her first series.

Naomi faces the truth of her origin – she’s the child of god-like superhumans from another part of the multiverse. She seeks out Anna and tells her best friend everything. However, will learning the truth put the entire DC universe in danger?

Bendis and Walker have crafted a thoroughly entertaining story here. It’s gleefully ridiculous in how complicated it is, almost a real time manifestation of the “comics everyone!” meme, but they make it work to the advantage of the story. They also fill it with sympathetic and interesting characters, then root it entirely in those human beings and their conflicts and desires. Without their deft touch, this story would be impenetrable, but Bendis and Walker make it an engrossing epic.

Campbell’s art is absolutely beautiful. In the middle section of the issue, he chronicles the rise and fall of Naomi’s home universe in a series of incredible double page spreads. They immerse us in this universe, using not just figure work but also moody coloring, and fantastic lighting effects. Outside those pages, he does great character acting, especially showing Naomi and Anna as authentic teenage girls in an extraordinary situation.

This has been such an entertaining introduction to a complex new character. I’m excited to see this volume wrap up, and what the future will bring for Naomi.

Naomi #5 is available now from DC Comics.

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