Chuck Brown To Write New ‘John Carter Of Mars’ Series

by Erik Amaya

It’s finally time to head back to Earth.

Dynamite announced Thursday the imminent arrival of a new John Carter of Mars series with Aquamen‘s Chuck Brown serving as writer and George Kambadais as artist. Set in 1919, the adventure sees a mysterious asteroid composed purely of “Ninth” on a course toward Earth. As it nears, it forces people on Earth and Mars to switch places, which means Carter finds himself back on the planet of his birth. Of course, returning to Virginia means he still has to battle apes from Barsoom. Meanwhile, Mars also suffers from the chaos in a manner John cannot possibly know.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of sci-fi and adventure,” Brown said in a statement. “Like many of us, as a kid I was obsessed with Mars and the other planets in our solar system. Barsoom has such amazing characters and backstories. So it’s a huge opportunity for George and I to play in this world.”

The first issue is backed with alternate covers from Junggeun Yoon, Jonathan Case, and a cosplayer covers in addition to two covers featuring Dejah Thoris by Joseph Michael Linsner and Kambadais.

John Carter of Mars #1 is set for release in April

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