Roy Of The Rovers – End Of The Season Time For Melchester’s Finest!

by Richard Bruton

After a thrill-packed season, the first for their brand new, superstar striker, Roy Race, Melchester Rovers have managed, against all the odds, to find themselves within reach of promotion. Looks like it’s all set up for a Roy of the Rovers moment… fitting, don’t you think?

Yes, it’s all set up for a thrilling finale, and Going Up definitely provides all that. But, in the footballing world, disaster is just a crisis away, and with Roy out of the play-offs after a controversial red card and the Rovers owner selling players left, right and centre and looking at turning the old Melchester Rovers ground to the supermarkets if they don’t go up, it’s going to be a thriller for the end of season at Melchester.

Roy, suffice it to say, is gutted at having to miss the play-offs…

But, it’s not just on the pitch where Roy’s life doesn’t seem to be going smoothly. It’s probably not the brightest move in the world to be chasing after the Captain’s sister. And Roy’s got his own beef with Vic Guthrie as well, reckoning it might have been him who deliberately handballed the ball to save a goal. So, will he risk the stability of the team by talking to the press, or will calmer heads win the day?

It’s all going to come down to the play-off finals and the chance to get into Division One. But, before all that, there’s a potential tragedy, a surprise reappearance from yet another footballing great from the comics of old, and a load of great footballing action, on and off the pitch.

This is the third of these new Roy of the Rovers graphic novels from Rebellion. And they’ve done exactly what they needed to, breathed new life into an iconic character. In Rob Williams you have a writer who really does get the game and in Ben Willsher, the action on and off the pitch is perfectly done, kinetic, modern looking art, perfect to grab the attention of a new generation of football and comic fans.

One thing that really works is the pacing. As Rovers are playing, as things get tenser and tenser, the flow of the panels and pages is done just right, you read faster and faster as the pace picks up on the pitch, just as you’re meant to do. Now, that’s how to plot and draw footballing action!

And while this might be the end of the first season for Roy of the Rovers, that’s not to say it ends all in wonder and glory. In fact, this is how it ends…

Oh yes… but, if you want to find out just what’s stopped Roy in his tracks, you’re going to need to read the book. Trust me, it’s well worth, comic fan, football fan, both… you’re going to love it.

The future of Melchester Rovers might be in doubt, but the future of Roy of the Rovers is looking great!

One final thing, take careful note of another star in the making on these preview pages; Roy’s younger sister, Rocky. She’ll be starring in her own strip, Rocky of the Rovers, in the new Tammy & Jinty Special, published alongside this latest Roy of the Rovers graphic novel.

Now… here’s the first six pages of Going Up… enjoy!

Roy of the Rovers – Book 3: Going Up. Published by Rebellion on 27 June, written by Rob Williams, art by Ben Willsher, letters by Jim Campbell, colors by John Charles and Guilherme Lindemberg Mendes.

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